Mobile Billboard and 3D Display Advertising – Specialized Marketing Campaigns


Mobile billboard and 3D display advertising are two of the most noticeable forms of advertising out there today. Here are some other ideas you can use our trucks for.

Mobile Showroom
• Take “window shopping” to the streets
• Safely and securely display products in public areas
• High impact for trade shows or special events
Public Address
• Advertise and conduct your event with one platform
• Great for political campaigns

Street Teams
• Person to person guerilla marketing
• Vehicle supports and promotes the campaign
• Personal attention makes a huge impact

Overnight Parking
• A lit vehicle is impossible to ignore
• Increase/enhance roadside visibility
• Perfect for nighttime businesses

Weekend Nightlife Campaigns
• A lit vehicle presence increases visibility
• Target your demographic
• Stand out in a typically ignored market

Other options included at no charge

  • Amplified Music to play from the vehicle as it drives around
  • A “fourth window display” in the front, above the cab
  • Additional marketing days, i.e. off hour parking, in high volume traffic areas
  • Social media promotion of clients through Facebook and Twitter during the days we run
  • QR code promotion
  • Permits to park in designated areas around the city of Seattle
  • The biggest mobile billboard/display advertising truck in the region
  • 3000 watt power system that will run for 11 hours
  • “Greener” that diesel or bio-diesel trucks
  • 5000 lbs. tie downs, i.e. we can put a Mini-Cooper in the back
  • Air conditioning
  • Combine mobile billboard and 3D display advertising for an even greater impact

Here are some of the things we can do at an additional charge

  • Multi-camera, on-site live streaming video production
  • Display advertising, i.e. putting exercise equipment in the back for your client
  • Street teams
  • Customized route and parking plans
Take a look at some ideas you can use  our vehicles for by visiting us on Facebook.

Our mobile billboard and 3D display advertising vehicles can be used to do what your imagination desires. Call us to help plan your next campaign.
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