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Revolutionary Advertising

iAM’s 3D Display and Mobile Billboard trucks deliver the most eye-catching, innovative, and cost effective form of advertising. The overall benefits of 3D Display/Mobile Billboard trucks are that they will save you money, add a creative element to your existing campaign, increase your brand awareness, and have people talking about your products and services.

iAM “Phibious” Billboards provide a convenient promotional tool for all types of events. The inflatable, amphibious signs will provide marketing agencies and event promoters with an alternative out-of-home media format.



3D Display and Mobile Billboards

iAM’s 3D Display and Mobile Billboard trucks go where you want them to go, when you want them to go. We use DOT verified traffic counts to ensure that your campaign gets the highest amount of impressions during your ad run. Our Cloverleaf Strategy is the most effective way to provide you with the highest amount of impressions per day.

iAM "Phibious" Billboards

iAM “Phibious” Billboards can be displayed on any surface including water, sand, snow, grass, dirt, and pavement. They can be placed virtually anywhere and provides various applications.

The banners can be illuminated at night so the advertising sign can be viewed 24 hours a day. Our product’s ease of use, unique design, and ever growing global associate network will make your promotional advertising job easier.


As an add on to any of our campaigns or if you want to do something “al la carte” we do offer the following services; Wildposting, Wheat Pasting, Poles, Large Format Displays, Retail, Stencils, and Street teams.

Contact us to find out how we can tailor your next campaign.