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iAM “Phibious” Billboards FAQ

Is all of this legal?

Yes 100%. There are no laws that govern iAM “Phibious” Billboards on the water. We have checked with all local, state, and federal authorities. iAM will take care of all necessary paperwork if you choose this option. iAM can provide proof of our research upon request. Contact us to request information regarding this.

Where can you place the iAM “Phibious” Billboard Inflatable Display?

They can be displayed on any surface you can imagine including water, sand, snow, grass, dirt and pavement. The systems can be displayed on oceans, lakes, beaches, ski slopes, golf courses, rooftops, parking lots, events, construction sites, sports stadiums, and car dealerships just to name a few.

Do the systems require an electric source?

An electric source is necessary to inflate the systems. The iAM “Phibious” Billboard systems are airtight and unlike cold air inflatable, no noisy continuous blower or power source is required after inflation. The bladders are sealed and capped. They will remain inflated for months. A 110V pump is supplied however12V and 220V pumps are available at an additional cost.

How big are the systems when deflated?

The systems pack into nylon bags then into cardboard boxes for storage and transport. The large system box dimensions are 50” x 30” x 15” and the mini box is 28” x 20” x 14”. The large system weighs 215 lbs. and the mini system weighs 83 lbs.

What is the product’s lifetime?

The systems can last for years, depending on the type of usage and care you provide.

What do I do if a system leaks air?

Each system consists of separate PVC chambers. If an air leak occurs, the repair tape supplied provides an instant repair. If extensive bladder damage occurs, the effected bladder can be easily removed through the zipper openings and a replacement bladder can be inserted.

Does iAM “Phibious” Billboards provide customer support?

iAM provides client support over the phone and internet. In person, on site assistance is also available in certain circumstances.

Do I need prior experience? Is training necessary?

The systems are very easy to setup and operate and no previous experience with commercial inflatable is necessary. We provide an instruction manual and video that display the step by step process. iAM’s customer support can also provide training advice and tips over the phone and internet. In person training is also available at our headquarters in Seattle, WA.