iAM “Phibious” Pricing


iAM “Phibious” Billboard pricing can be by the day, week, or month. Rates are non-holiday and apply to double-sided billboards.

iAM “Phibious” Billboards are available in 14′ x 12′ sections and can be combine to any desired length.

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Production Costs:

All banner production is outsourced. The cost includes banners to wrap all 4 sides of the structure creating a 360 degree display. Print ready artwork is generally required 30 days prior to the campaign start date however we may accept shorter lead, subject to availability.

At the end of the campaign, the banners are property of the client. If desired, iAM can ship the banners to the client, at the client’s additional expense. Otherwise, the banners can be destroyed or warehouse for potential future campaigns. iAM is not liable for any damage that may occur to the banners during the campaign.

Route and Target:

Routes can be custom designed with the client should they have a specific target location in mind. The maximum tow speed is 5 mph ensuring maximum and prolonged exposure at each location.


The billboards are generally setup and installed on the evening before the campaign however are also commonly setup in the early morning on the launch date. The billboards will be removed from the water and deflated on the final day of the campaign.

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We do offer quarterly specials. Click Specials to visit the iAM Specials page.