When it comes to mobile billboard, amphibious billboard, and indoor advertising pricing we believe in being as upfront as possible at iAM. We do not ask “What is your budget?” and then try to take 100% of it for ourselves or deter you from using other forms of advertising.

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We believe in “adding too” a new campaign or “enhancing” an already existing one. A marketing or advertising campaign should be diverse and well planned with measurable results. iAM would like to be “part of the campaign” not “the whole campaign”.

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All rates are based on 14 hours of mobile billboard time per week. We offer daytime (7am – 2pm) or nighttime runs (2pm – 9pm).

Mobile billboard and indoor advertising pricing discounts are available on six month and twelve month bookings.

Your run can be a “static run” (Your billboards only) or part of a “rotating run” (Shared time). This will be determined by iAM at the time of booking. You will get the same amount of visible time in either run.

We do offer Co-op pricing and special offers. Click Specials to visit the iAM Specials page.