iAM Launches New Division ——– iAM “Phibious” Billboards

iAM is proud to announce that it is launching a new division of it’s company, iAM “Phibious” Billboards.


iAM “Phibious” billboards offer a wide variety of advertising applications to both the operator and agency. The ability to display the systems on water allows for placement of advertising on oceans, lakes, golf course water hazards, and other various waterways.


On land, the inflatable signs can be placed virtually anywhere including rooftops, beaches, parking lots and golf course driving ranges. The inflatable billboard structures can be both displayed in static locations or become mobile when towed by boats, kayaks, golf carts, or bicycles.


Since the advertising inflatables can be conveniently transported in an SUV or truck and setup in less than 30 minutes, they are also a great fit for short term advertising campaigns and events.


“We are excited to be the first to be bringing this new form of outdoor advertising to the Pacific Northwest” says Darran Bruce, owner of iAM.


For more information on the iAM “Phibious” Billboards systems contact us at 206-203-1623 or info@ialternativemedia.com


iAM "Phibious" Billboard Water 4